Time and the Universe



Because I am living solo and single during the pandemic, I’ve been occasionally making dinner, donning this dress, and having a dance party for one. I can’t decide if it makes me feel like I’m living in a COVID-free future or past.


Whenever I eat this, I am 19, I am back home for summer, I am an hour away from climbing into or out of a storm drain.


Remembering all the places we have gone. And all the places left to see.



This key tag was one of the first things I got that made me really feel like an adult. I recently purchased a house …somehow I still am dealing with my first bout of imposter syndrome wondering if I really am capable of taking care of the house; if somehow maybe I have fooled a lot of people into thinking this is something I should really have…


I bought this artwork with my first “career job” paycheck. It’s been hanging in my house ever since.
*side note- I also bought a really beautiful, modern leather chair that my cats effectively destroyed :/


Not many things make me feel like an adult, but these were the first shoes I bought with money from my own paycheck.


This is more than just a table for us, this is a statement. This beauty was handmade by a very close friend of ours. We selected the wood ourselves and worked very closely with our friend on the design. This piece means so much to us, not only because of its raw beauty and sophistication, but also because of what it represents. Friendship and hard work, both qualities we cherish in each other and our loved ones.

Whether it be dinner parties or board game nights, light some candles, pour a drink, and you have a warm, comfortable seat waiting for you at our sophisticated table.


This was the very first purchase that I made that felt it was the last of its kind of thing that I would ever have to buy…It made me feel really special thinking that I deserved to not necessarily just have an expensive thing, but one that was very well made and beautiful.




Nothing says, “I am smart, sophisticated, and cultured,” quite like a sculptural bust in your personal library. This is my miniature replica bust of The Statue of David by Michelangelo which I bought ironically at first, but now I sort of buy into the statement.


This item is a record of knowledge & experience, that when looking for “caffeine-free” products in Japan instead look for”caffeine-less”.


I made this poster for my mythology class. Only 2 of my colleagues ever got the joke and one of those was a prick so it also makes me insecure.