016.004 B

We are still accepting submissions for the following prompts:

Prompt #13 – something you are looking forward to using once the weather warms up

Prompt #12 – something that makes you feel attractive

Prompt #11 – what does your workspace look like?

Prompt #10 – something you see or interact with frequently that reminds you of a friend or loved one

Prompt #9 – something you repaired yourself

Prompt #8 – an object or space in your home that makes you feel like you are somewhere else

Prompt #7 – something you own that could be haunted

Prompt #6 – things you still have too much of after panic shopping for lock down

Prompt #5 – something left out in the snow

Prompt #4 – an item or setting that makes you feel refreshed

Prompt #3 – something that you acquired that made you really feel like an established adult.

Prompt #2 – packaging you are holding on to – necessary or unnecessary

Prompt #1 – something you own that makes you feel sophisticated